Our Teaching Programme


The Regency - the school that caters for every learner

Our Teaching Programme


The teaching programme at the Regency concentrates on helping students to develop their ability to use everyday English (although we do also have more specialised programmes).

Our classes offer a balance between the teaching and the practice of grammar and the use of English in structured conversations and other activities designed to simulate real life situations. We also pay attention to the four skills (reading, listening, speaking and writing) individually. We believe that successful learning depends on the active participation of students in the class, and we encourage everybody to take part fully from the day they arrive.


The Regency caters for learners of all levels, from those who are just beginning their studies in English to those who have reached an advanced level. To ensure that students are put into a class of the appropriate level, everybody is asked to take a test on the first day of the course, and is interviewed by a Senior Teacher. In order to ensure that our teachers are able to pay attention to the individual needs of their students, our classes are restricted to a maximum of 14 with an average number of 9.



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